About Us

Our mission is to maintain market leadership within the travel goods and fashion industry, and continue to develop a new generation of high performance products, combining impressive strength with stylish good looks.

As these industries grow, The Cache Group wants the opportunity to create a wider choice of styles, both visually and practically. The company boasts three key hallmarks, which makes its wares distinctive, namely innovation, quality and style. These remain the hallmarks for which the company is renowned.

The Cache Group aims to provide the very best ranges of travel goods and fashion items available anywhere in the world under the one banner.

In 1981 Michael Roth formed WHY INTERNATIONAL, a company specialising in the importation of high quality designer label handbags and accessories which were branded Why. Over a period of the following five years the brand and the company became the market leader of distributing handbags made in high quality PVC trimmed with leather. Importantly WHY INTERNATIONAL was backed and supported by one of Japan's most famous handbag manufacturers namely Why, a company whose origins extended back before the commencement of hostilities of World War 2.

1983 saw the establishment of the CACHE brand of handbags and accessories. The production base for this high quality collection of full leather products was in South America. For many years the company imported finished products from Argentina and Uruguay. With advent of the Argentinian peso being revalued on par with the US dollar, the company moved its production base to the Far East and India.

In 1988 the companies directors decided to add luggage to it's product base and as a result obtained the distribution rights for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for ANTLER the most famous British Luggage Company founded in 1914.

1991 the group's luggage division decided to add a range of up market travel accessories to it's growing luggage division. As a result THE GO TRAVEL PRODUCTS COMPANY was established and today GO products are being sold in over 30 countries world wide.

Late 1997 saw a dramatic turn in the direction of fashion. Lifestyles simply changed from being structured and conservative to a contemporary casual look. As a result new and innovative materials such as micro fiber coupled with new designs began to be seen as the direction for the late 90's and new millennium.

In 1999, the company moved into a second generation of family business with Sonney Roth becoming Managing Director.

In 2005, The Cache Group Of Companies began to distribute Revelation Luggage, catering for customers' needs at the lower end of the market. Revelation has been the market leader of budget luggage in the UK for the last decade.

In 2016, The Cache Group Of Companies began to distribute Luggage Leash. Leash It is the only solution of its kind with an integrated app that will aid in the surveillance of your precious items.

Now, moving through 2019 there are big things in store for The Cache Group so stay tuned!