The Caché Group of Companies : Antler Luggage, Go Travel, Revelation Luggage, Bramble & Brown, Airbak backpacks, Qantas Luggage and Travel Accessories
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  • Go Travel Products
  • Revelation: contemporary and affordable luggage
  • Bramble & Brown leather goods including briefcases, messenger bags, duffle bags, computer cases, overnight bags and leather accessories
  • Qantas Luggage and Travel Accessories
  • Airbak Backpacks
  • Go Outdoor Essentials
Go Travel Products

Go Travel

Available at over 18,000 locations in the UK alone and 35 countries around the world; Go Travel understand people who travel.

Established in 1978, Go Travel is a design led travel company that specialises in innovative travel accessories with over 340 products in the market today.

Including adaptors for all around the world, towels, pillows, hair dryers, wallets, camera cases, locks, tags and specialised products for more remote areas of the world, Go Travel is the affordable way of taking your creature comforts with you every time you travel.


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